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Research and write a booklet. (Posted 7 May. Location Sydney, Australia)

Ghostwriter for children's book. (Posted 7 May. Location Sydney, Australia)

We are looking for travel writers. (Posted 20 April. Location anywhere)

We're looking for a first rate part time journalist based in Auckland who can help us cover the NZ market for local and Australian readers, and help expand our existing NZ readership base. (Posted 20 April. Location Auckland, New Zealand)

Medical online marketing industry company seeks writer. (Posted 9 April. Location Chicago, USA)

Exciting Freelance Opportunity for PhDs (Posted 9 April. Location anywhere)

We are looking for experienced copy and substantive editors in Dentistry, Medicine, Physical Therapy, Medicine, Ophthalmology, Nursing, Rehabilitation Sciences, Forensic Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering, Physics, Social Sciences, Humanities, Material Science, Mathematics, Recreation and Sports, Physical Education, Sport management and Coaching, Finance/Economics, with a core academic background. (Posted 9 April. Location anywhere)





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