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Rewriting, Editing and Ghostwriting Services--International

The freelancers listed here can help with rewriting. The category includes editors and ghostwriters.
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Rewriting, Editing and Ghostwriting Services: Africa
Uduak U Umo
(Abak, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria)
It’s been 8 years of letting my curious mind out via diverse feature articles. My aim usually is to inform my readers, stimulate curiosity in them, and help them develop conviction in the subject. 

Rewriting, Editing and Ghostwriting Services:
Asia & the Middle East

Rewriting, Editing and Ghostwriting Services: Australia
Kerry Chater (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
Kerry is a business writing specialist--word smithing proposals, tenders, technical documents and templates, facilitating workshops and coaching managers on writing in Plain English.
Jane Clement (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
Clear copy; thorough research; always hits deadlines; 25 years’ experience. Just some of the reasons to work with Jane Clement.
Barb Clews (Leschenault, West Australia)
Barb is a successful Freelance Writer/Journalist. Her experience includes articles, newsletters, press releases, tender responses, reports, editorial, advertorial, web copy, brochures, company profiles and editing. Barb specialises in plain English.
Greg Conkey (Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia)
I am an award winning journalist and talented photographer with an extensive media and public relations background specialising in feature writing and reports, as well as converting technical jargon into plain English. I edited a country newspaper for more than 25 years before starting my own media and public relations.
Lee Cope (Fitzroy North, Victoria, Australia)
Professional, versatile and willing to try any challenge, Lee Cope can write and edit a variety of material from different genres and media. Although most of her experience is in fiction (especially speculative fiction), she also has experience in newsletters, articles and editorial pieces.
Stuart Corner (Sydney, NSW, Australia)
Highly experienced and awarded journalist and writer specialising in telecommunications and computing. 30 years experience, a solid technology background and a talent for communicating complex concepts clearly and concisely.
Libby Harkness (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
I am a non-fiction writer, specialising in ghostwriting and biographies and have also published many works of my own. My extensive background in journalism covered many fields including travel, hospitality, pharmacy and medical.  
Bronwyn Hope (Redland Bay, Queensland, Australia)
Bronwyn Hope specialises in creative business writing with sassy words that aim to communicate key messages in persuasive, accessible language. Bronwyn is experienced in all forms of writing from newspaper style articles to formal pitches, submissions, multimedia scripts and advertising copy for all media.
Roslyn Johnson (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
My writing is so clear, clients say they could have written it themselves. I specialise in corporate writing for the financial and government sectors. I write content for annual reports, proposals, marketing collateral, media and websites.
Pam Kershaw (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
An award-winning writer, with more than 25 years experience in journalism, public relations and corporate writing. Well-crafted words communicate your message clearly and persuasively, in brochures, newsletters, websites, corporate profiles, submissions, manuals and media kits.
Newt & Co. – April Newton (Parkville, Victoria, Australia)
April Newton is a freelance editor, manuscript assessor, proofreader and text designer with a natural talent for language and some serious tertiary education in the field. She specialises in fiction, particularly young adult.
Phil Petersen (Rochedale South, Queensland, Australia)
With a background in medicine and science, have developed a specialty in helping non-native English speakers get papers published, but can wirte or edit (and have written or edited) just about anything.
Karen Pryor (Sydney, NSW, Australia)
Senior business writer for blue chips and government with over 25 years' experience. Specialises in thought leadership, white papers, annual reports and executive speeches. Fast and exemplary work.
Chris Ralph (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Four decades of persuasive writing in all media. Creative director, copywriter, speech writer, journalist, editor. Clients from corporations to corner stores. Chris Ralph Creative since 1986; after a sabbatical now ready to fire up again! 
Lynn Santer (Robina, Queensland, Australia)
Ghost writing, screen writing, copywriting, editing, proof reading, and corporate experience in UK, US and Australia. Published (best selling) author. Feature, television (drama and children's), documentary, and short film experience.
Ian Steele (Adelaide, South Australia)
Writing, editing, strategic messaging and media placement. I am available for local and international assignments to build understanding and outreach for NGOs, Corporations and other bodies engaged in social issues and causes.
Fiona Stocker Boutique Communications (Glengarry, Tasmania, Australia)
A versatile writer equally comfortable in the business and creative world. Specialising in substantive editing and ghost-writing, lifting your writing to another level. Subjects include food, tourism and travel, eco-topics, sea-change, small business, parenting, Tasmania.
Shel Sweeney (Geelong, Australia)
Experienced writer, copywriter, proofreader and editor, based in Australia and UK. Shel Sweeney can write and edit a range of fiction and non-fiction materials across a variety of genre and media. 

Rex Widerstrom (Perth, Western Australia)
Versatile, experienced and highly professional, Rex Widerstrom can write for a variety of media. Currently active in print and television, he also has experience in writing for the web and radio.
Gina Wilson (Stuart Park, NT, Australia)
Gina is a former print and radio news, business and agribusiness journalist who now works as a freelance writer, editor, proofreader and strategist based in Darwin.

Rewriting, Editing and Ghostwriting Services: Canada
John Blair
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Editing, critiquing, ghostwriting (and more). Available from published writer of fiction and non-fiction.

Rewriting, Editing and Ghostwriting Services: New Zealand
Archetype Ltd--Sue Claridge (Auckland, New Zealand)
Prompt and precise, creative and communicative--for high quality research, writing, editing, graphics, document design and desktop publishing services for all print media projects.
Elizabeth Ardley (Auckland, New Zealand)
Accomplished all-rounder with a present focus on proofreading/editing/rewriting. Worked for many years as a scriptwriter and journalist. A qualified teacher of English as a Second Language.

Allan Baddock (Dunedin, New Zealand)
Award-winning documentary maker; journalist; commentator. All writing, research, review, editing, or  reworking.  Print, Web, A/V, and television.
Rachel Benn (Raglan, New Zealand)
Skilled journalist and editor, with Maori and photography abilities and corporate communications experience. Versatile with writing, re-writing and editing, turning the complicated into the readable.
Skye Bothma, Web Editor (Wellington, New Zealand)
Editing for print and online publications, academic editing, website content editing and administration, advice on copyright and creative commons, audio transcription, rewriting and copy-writing, self-publishing.
Lucy Brake (Tauranga, New Zealand)
I am an environmental writer who can help communicate your 'green' message to the world. Experienced in writing, research, review and editing, I am great at translating technical jargon into clear, easy-to-understand material.

Peta Carey (Queenstown, New Zealand)
It’s all about the story – telling a good yarn, concisely and clearly, whether it’s feature, fiction, web, science journal or advertising. I’m also an excellent editor and proof reader. 

Belinda Carter
(Christchurch, New Zealand)
Editing and (re)writing for print or web, newsletter production using Pagemaker or Acrobat PDF and content creation for websites. Basic html coding (no scripting). Feature writing on a range of general topics and styles.
Clarity Plain English Editing and Writing Services (Auckland, New Zealand)
I write, format and edit in plain English. I specialise in text, information and websites aimed at a global market, or people who do not have English as their first language.

Carol Dawber (Picton, New Zealand)
Dr Carol Dawber is an established, experienced and versatile writer who enjoys working with clients to realise their dreams. She is the author of 17 books and is a skilled interviewer, editor and indexer.
Grant Dyson - freelance journalist, writer, editor (Tauranga, New Zealand)
My specialist areas: Feature writing, website copy, news reporting, editing & proof reading, press releases and other business writing, and guide books. I'll cover almost any topic, but in particular, travel, the outdoors and tourism.
Engineering Communications Ltd (Auckland, New Zealand)
All aspects of technical and promotional writing. Instruction manuals, operating procedures, hazard management and safety plans, brochures, newsletters, websites and more.

Sarah Johnson (Hamilton, New Zealand)
Legal, financial, technical, corporate publications--making complex content readable is Sarah's specialty.
LinkIT Group (Auckland, New Zealand)
Experienced technical writers and instructional design specialists developing user reference guides, SOP’s, business process maps, quick reference cards, presentations, knowledge bases and facilitator/user training resources.
Sandy Leen (Auckland, New Zealand)
Business writing specialist based in Auckland. I write and edit website content and print communications for SMEs and corporates that engages their market and generates action. Your customers, clients and colleagues will notice the difference.
Little Black Cat: Sarah Ellich (Auckland, New Zealand)
Looking for the right words? Have the words but can't get them in the right order? What about spelling and grammar? I provide professional editing, copywriting and proofreading services - education and not-for-profit sectors a speciality.
NZ Writing Services (Nelson, New Zealand)
I provide writing, editing and consultation services for organisations, including local government.
Realwords - Vicki Holder (Auckland, New Zealand)
Fast, accurate, persuasive & engaging. I have diverse writing experience in public relations, for corporates and the whole gamut of media including social media. My specialties range from property and design to finance and business.
Red Letter Communications Ltd (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Professional writing, editing and proof-reading services. Red Letter Communications can help you engage your audience and convey your message clearly and accurately with flair.
Isa Ritchie (Wellington, New Zealand)
Freelance writer: technical, professional, academic, SEO, journalistic, not-for-profit publications and copy-writing services. My areas of expertise include sustainability, food, health, alternative economics and social enterprise.
Ian Robinson (Auckland, New Zealand)
Travel writing, proof reading, event reporting, places, people and behind the scenes. Exotic articles from remote destinations a passion and speciality. Easy, flowing, descriptive and to the point writing.
Kirsten Rose (Wellington, New Zealand)
Providing specialist writing, marketing and communications.
Paula J. Shelton (Wellington, New Zealand)
I am a specialist web copywriter and plain English practitioner. My work spans corporate, public and voluntary sectors in print and online media. I was the principal writer of the inaugural published in 2006.
Helen Slater - Strata Communications (Auckland, New Zealand)
Writing in plain English a specialty. Articles, corporate documents, annual reports, copy-writing, re-writes, ghost-writing. Helen has a light touch with an easy-to-read style that brings stories to life.
Adam Shelton (Wellington, New Zealand)
Technical writer, instructional writer, business writer -- hired by leading organisations around New Zealand -- Find out more at
Synapsys NZ Ltd. (Christchurch, New Zealand)
We are a creative, professional team of media developers with wideranging experience in the production of technical, professional and training materials. We work across all media and a wide range of development environments.
Geoff Walker (Auckland, New Zealand)
Editing, co-authoring, writing, manuscript assessment, steering books through from start to finish ? Geoff Walker has many years of experience in delivering the best possible professional job.
Wordgirl Ltd (Auckland, New Zealand)
A freelance copywriter with experience ranging from marketing, advertising, public relations, through to women's magazines as Beauty Editor and Editor.
 (Manawatu, New Zealand)
If captivating writing or first-rate editing (with a bit of photography thrown in for good measure) is what you’re looking for, then Faye Lougher at WRITEability™ would love to hear from you. An experienced journalist and editor, Faye can fulfil all your writing, editing, proofreading and photography requirements.
WritersInc Ltd (Auckland, New Zealand)
WritersInc is a specialist documentation company that delivers quality documentation solutions. We write user manuals, technical documentation, training manuals, online help, health and safety documentation, SOPs and presentation material, and can provide editing services.


Rewriting, Editing and Ghostwriting Services: UK & Europe
Shel Sweeney (Glasgow, UK)
Experienced writer, copywriter, proofreader and editor, based in Australia and UK. Shel Sweeney can write and edit a range of fiction and non-fiction materials across a variety of genre and media. 

Rewriting, Editing and Ghostwriting Services: USA
Julia Aitken
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
An expert writer of tight, creative copy, Julia Aitken specializes in food and drink and nutrition. She’s a scrupulous researcher, an avid trend-watcher and has superb editing skills.
David Caissie (Stow, MA, USA)
Freelance Professional Writer and Technical Communicator.
Jane Auster (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Light, tight, bright copy - researched, written, edited, proofread - for print and web. Specialties include magazines, digital sites and corporate markets.

Annie Belt
(San Jose, California, USA)
For copyediting that respects the writer's voice while remembering readers' interest; for copyediting according to the manual of your choice; for the job you'll be proud of, contact Annie.
John Blair (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Proofreading, Copyediting, Manuscript evaluation services.

Cathy Chatfield-Taylor (West Palm Beach, Florida, USA)
Visit, then contact me for compelling content, on deadline. I write trend stories, case studies, how-to articles, technology reviews and white papers; edit technical reports; and develop marketing campaigns for technology solution providers.
Jacques Hugo (Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA)
I specialize in technical, scientific and academic writing, primarily in the energy sector. I have a mixed background in industrial engineering, communication, psychology and human factors and I like to write on any related topic.
Karyl Landeau, Ph.D., J.D. (USA)
Content Writing/Copywriting/Ghostwriting/Science & Technology Technical Writing.
Michelle Ponto (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)
Working as a TV web reporter, Michelle has over 15 years of journalism and multi-media experience. She specializes in writing content for interactive media, magazines and television that ranges from articles and video games, to scripts, commercials and screenplays.